Westside Foodbank


A Helping Hand
Submitted by Cliff A. July 9, 2013

The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me. – Matthew 26:11

​We have a unique opportunity at Resplendent Light to offer a helping hand to those neighbors that live near or close to us that are in need. You may have noticed the collection barrel near our front entrance in the house with the small sign Westside Food Bank on the exterior. With the loss of financial security in our nation following the demise of our banking and investment segments in 2008, we are witnessing the struggles of many in our community to makes ends meet financially or provide the basics in life like food. The once secure middle class has been affected severely and we are seeing families and working adults who are both homeless or without the means to purchase food products on a daily basis. Recently, we have seen college students who are unable to feed themselves on a regular basis due to increases in their tuitions and educational needs that leave them with very few options.

​The Westside Food Bank provides essential food that they collect to several food banks, homeless shelters, food kitchens of non-profit organizations serving the disadvantaged and college campuses with both fresh produce and unexpired food/baby products or personal hygiene items. The Westside Food Bank is a non-profit organization that collects food, hygiene products, and infant care products, fresh produce from churches, faith based groups, restaurants, local farmers or non-profit agencies like us and then redistributes the resources to those groups/organizations to place in the hands of those who need it.

​In the passage from Matthew 26:11, Jesus speaks of his concern for the poor in our community and how we have the option to help or not but we cannot ignore the fact that the poor are always with us. It was once believed that they were the homeless you would occasionally see on the streets but now we are seeing whole families, many working, that are having to make daily decisions of how they plan to feed their families and themselves. In keeping with our vision/mission, I believe helping or providing for the poor and our needy neighbors is an option that we are going to commit to as a church.

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