Proclaim His Birth

On December 10, 2016, we join other churches in Santa Monica in hosting the 64th Annual Nativity Scene Display at Mount Olive Lutheran Church (1343 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica) at the corner of 14th Street and Ocean Park Boulevard. This will be our 4th year participating in the Nativity Scene Display after inheriting the honor from the Santa Monica Police Officers Association.

img_20151212_092444497_hdrOur booth is named the Annunciation that depicts Mary receiving the glorious news from the angel Gabriel of being chosen to give birth to the Messiah as foretold in Luke 1:26-38. Our booth is at the beginning of the multi-booth display on Maple Street and each display thereafter tells the story surrounding the birth of Jesus in a panorama view that culminates near the intersection of 14th and Ocean Park Boulevard. Stan Lin has once again done a incredible job creating the wardrobe, repainting and articulating the position of both images of Mary and the Gabriel in our display. The Nativity Scene will officially open on December 11, 2016 and culminate shortly after the New Year. We invite everyone to come out to view the Nativity Scene Display and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas Season!

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