Well, it’s been awhile since we started the Wednesday Flagpole Noon Prayer, and, I’m happy to say, it continues to this day. There are several faithful people who make it a point to attend… Jackie Morgan, Carol Fletcher, and of course, us (Benny, Danny, and Cliff). Others come as they have issues that need to be prayed over. I’m always amazed week to week who shows up. There are times total strangers show because they see us praying and they just want to be a part of it. There have also been times when what appears to be a “demon-possessed” person walks by mouthing off obscenities and cursing us as we were praying. Vigilant Cliff kept an eye on this guy and was ready for action if he tried anything! Me… I was clueless to what was going on. I just thought someone was have a bad day.

You might think that people would just be centered around praying for physical needs such as healing and finances, but it’s surprising how much prayer is asked for in terms of living a holy life… especially to have strength to live out our faith instead of being one who just proclaims the word… (kind of like James 1 – “Be doers of the Word and not merely hearers to delude themselves.” Being at any work place, one people know you are a Christian, you get placed under a microscope in all that you do and say. I’ve certainly seen that at our work place. Yes, we are held to a higher standard because we represent Jesus, and how we act certainly reflects on the validity of our faith. What I try to explain to people is that we are all human, and we all fail… that’s why we need Jesus sooo much! Knowing Jesus doesn’t make us perfect, just forgiven. (I thinks that’s been said somewhere before). Becoming perfect will take us a lifetime.

Over the course of our prayer meetings, we have seen so many answered prayers. One of the most obvious one was the “eviction” of an unruly tenant. Mehran (whose faith is Islam) asked us to pray that somehow this tenant in her building would somehow be gotten rid of. These people make noise throughout the night and have parties all the time. All civil courses of action have failed to stop the noise… even the police have been there to talk to them. So we simply lifted up the situation in prayer that God would somehow take care of this situation. I think that within a couple of weeks of praying, it became quiet… for some reason, those people moved out on their own accord. BUT we know it was God who orchestrated this because this noise has been going on for a long time. PRAISE GOD!

I wish I could say that we pray for world events to be different and that ISIS would be wiped out, but then I would be praying against Bible prophecy. The Bible already tells us of a certain course of events that will take place in the end times, and I truly believe we are living in those times. However, it doesn’t mean I would stop praying for those things that need to be prayed for. We turn on the television and all we see is rioting, Iran this, Korea that, Putin this… What I would like to see is JESUS this and JESUS that! Well, hopefully, with the faithful prayers of all the saints around the world, that day is coming. Jesus is Coming for his Church!


Prayer meetings? Prayer meetings at a Courthouse?? Prayer meetings at the Santa Monica Courthouse??? Prayer meeting at the Flagpole in front of the Santa Monica Courthouse???? What an oxymoron! All we hear about nowadays is how the courts have made rulings that are contrary to the Judeo-Christian principles this country was founded on. Well, here in Santa Monica, where people worship everything except God, Pastor Cliff has formed a small but potent prayer group right in the heart of the Civic Center. Since August of 2013, this little group has been meeting for an hour-long prayer session at the flagpole of the Santa Monica Courthouse every Wednesday. The attendees consist of employees of the Courthouse, litigants just walking by, and anyone else who has need of prayer that notices that we are praying. Needless to say, everyone who comes to the Courthouse needs prayer. It is certainly not a pleasant thing for anyone to have to go to court. It’s fair to say that everyone who comes here are angry, hurt, depressed and any other word that would reflect a negative feeling. Yet God has placed faithful prayer warriors here to intercede for them, give them hope, and watch the power of God shine upon their lives. I look forward to Wednesday because I never know what God will bring and what miracles he will perform in the lives of people. I know that He always answers prayers (even though it may not be the way I think it should be answered)… but as they say “Father Knows Best!” To give you a glimpse of what God is doing out here, I’ve asked a few of the people who attend the prayer meeting regularly to write a few words:

“The last couple of months, we have been praying in a group. It’s a new thing to me. The effect of it though is amazing. Every Wednesday after prayer, I feel stronger. I feel like G-D has been listening to me because of us all praying together and having a louder voice. It makes me think about G-D more often. When I can’t sleep at night, I say to myself, G-D is hugging me right now and holding me like a child. His love puts me to sleep. I guess you can say, the prayer meetings made me closer to G-D.”   – Farah Hinojosa

“My name is Jacquelyn Morgan, and I am forever grateful for the prayer group on Wednesdays at the flagpole of the courthouse. I remember when I was invited for the first time to come out for prayer. I went out and stood before them of God, and they asked me what I needed prayer for. I begin to tell them what I was experiencing at my work place… with me interacting with angry customers all day and my reaction back towards them in frustration. Then they started to pray for me one at a time, and I would thank each of them and walk back in to my workplace feeling like a heavy load was just taken off my shoulders immediately. I continued going out to the flagpole to pray every week thereafter… mainly the same prayer request. My attitude began to change tremendously n a short period of time. I just felt my spirit was changing to be more like God want us all to be. I began to have more patience, understanding, and compassion, and I was able to handle problem customers in a calmer manner. I know that prayer works, and I am a living witness of it myself. My life has changed so much at work even with me interacting with my co-workers as well. I thank God for blessing us here at Santa Monica Courthouse by sending us Benny, Danny, Cliff and other prayer warriors that come out and pray for any person in need of prayer. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!”   – Jacquelyn Morgan

“I’m a human being, a daughter and a mother to be, soon. I believe in God. He is my life of me being here in this world. He has helped me in so many ways in my life. I will sit down, and, gazing into my life,  ask God why? Why this? He never did respond but I knew He was listening to me. In my new aspect of life, mother to be soon, I had so many worries in my life. I felt trapped. Not knowing if I was doing the right thing or if I was in the right path. I had so many issues to face. But, I was happy that I was having my baby. My joy, my love and my wish.

My issues were not severe. But I felt trapped. No breathing room. Prayer in the afternoon made me feel at peace. It made me feel that I was protected and cared for… that God was beside me… touching my spirit that everything will be fine. The words and phrases that were said was soothing to the heart. Sometimes, I felt that I did not want it to end. I admit it made me well up in tears on several occasions. I always said that means your conscience is bad, and you should not have done it in the first place. But, now I understand that it was not; it is the sense that someone cares for you deeply. I’m catholic but we just go to church for an hour and that is it… we go to our own world.” – Maria Guadian

But be encouraged that we are not the only courthouse that has prayer. There is a weekly prayer meeting every Thursday and a weekly Bible Study every Tuesday at the Central Courthouse downtown Los Angeles. That one has been going on since the late 1980’s and is still in progress to this day. Apart from some holidays that fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, that prayer meeting and Bible Study has been going on faithfully every week for the last 25 years or so. And prior to that, there were even more “God” activities at the courthouses ranging from regular prayer meetings to prayer breakfasts with many judges and County Supervisors in attendance. I believe that God’s Spirit is once again on the move! And if God is for us, who can be against us! I truly believe that time is running short and He is moving the hearts of all believers to be about the Father’s business. Of course, we don’t have to “belong” to a prayer group to pray, but PRAY we must! We need to be as bold as Elijah and BELIEVE that OUR GOD IS MIGHTY AND CAN AND WILL ANSWER PRAYERS ACCORDING TO HIS WILL.