About Us

We are a community that loves the Lord and who believe we are called to love and serve our neighbors in the Santa Monica area. This year we celebrate our 7th Anniversary as an established church in the Santa Monica Business Park. We try to engage the City we worship in by participating in practical ways of serving with other faith based orgainizations focused on improving or helping others.

We serve the less financially less fortunate in Santa Monica through the weekly collection of food and personal care supplies for distribution by the Westside Food Bank. The Westside Food Bank is one of the largest warehouses for the distribution of food to non-profit feeding facilities that feed the homeless and those families in need of food.

On the beach is a ministry we do monthly to reach out to community at the Bay Street area just south of the Santa Monica Pier. We provide food and coffee and the opportunity to have fellowship with residents, visitor and whoever may be enjoying the great weather at the beach. Besides fellowship and food, we offer prayer for those who seek it or express a desire to prayed for.

As a faith based organization within Santa Moncia we have been invited to participate in having a voice in the City and offer support to the Police Department through participation in the Chaplain’s program as volunteers. Our pastor currently is stationed within the Police Department twice a week and to avails himself to supporting Police personnel who want to engage or speak to someone from the faith community. He is also on call as needed to assist police officers in the field when necessary or participate in civic events when called upon.

We are a small church that lives out our faith in community serving others together. We have a reputation of being a welcoming church that does its best to create a friendly yet sincre environment for those seeking a place to grow in and feel accepted.