Ministry Partners

Our vision is to become a body of believers who reflect the character of Christ; and to make a spiritual impact on the community around us.”
We have joined the efforts of those organizations already engaged with active and effective ministries in the community and through collaboration we all believe we can make a positive spiritual difference with our neighbors together.
food bank

Westside Food Bank (WFB) is one the largest providers of food and staple items for the homeless and less fortunate families and college students in Santa Monica and Westside areas. They join together with other non-profit organizations and churches, collecting food items and toiletries items for distribution through the WFB.

Many first generation Japanese, who temporarily live in Los Angeles, will return to Japan after their time in L.A. We at Resplendent Light Community Church welcome these returnees and want to help them in practical ways during their stay here. Through the Diaspora Ministry, Doug and Haunani seek to share the gospel, disciple and help prepare them for their return to Japan.

We live in a world that generally lacks community, depth, and genuine human interaction. What if we were to shift our focus to finding our similarities, listening, and learning from each other? It’s time to change the conversation. 

With Church on the Street and On the Beach, we seek to fill that need through the simple act of sharing a meal, prayer and encountering the Holy Spirit.

Our History
On the Beach
In 2018, four of us followers of Jesus went to the beach to surf and build community through sharing coffee and donuts with surfers and people from the surrounding homes. That day, we realized the pressing needs of the local homeless and un-sheltered people and were inspired to do something about it. Ultimately, that inspiration led to the formation of On the Beach, a once a month Saturday outreach to provide food, hygiene, and support.

From that initial group of four people, our ministry grew to incorporate a network of churches with a similar desire to share Jesus and minister to the needy. 

Church on the Street
With the onset of the pandemic, On the Beach was put on hiatus. All the food banks were shut down and finding food became difficult for the homeless. The beach was off limits and surfing was banned. The words “feed my sheep” rang out and Church on the Street was birthed. A group of hardy volunteers helped facilitate a weekly meeting on Sunday’s in Crescent Bay Park where people could come and eat, share stories, learn from the bible, worship and pray for each other. The group came to thrive and celebrated its 2nd Anniversary this March of 2022. 

Join us Sundays at 9 AM at Crescent Bay Park and participate in this awesome work that God is doing! On the Beach is also back to meeting monthly on Saturday’s as well. Feel free to reach out to Daniel Russell at for more information.

Westlawn Restoration Home
In January 2022, we took the next step in our vision by launching the Westlawn Restoration home, which now provides shelter to two of our regular attendees who were once homeless.

In the long run, our goal is to emulate the “Christ in the City” movement in Denver. Visit their website at for more information

The Westside Coalition joins with other faith-based organizations, non-profits, hospitals, City of Santa Monica, City & County of Los Angeles, State and Federal Offices of government to strategically address the issues of homelessness together. They coordinate efforts and participate in quarterly outreach efforts to the homeless and families who need financial assistance, housing, legal advice, clothing or referrals to medical institutions.

We support and assist with the Santa Monica Police Department through the Chaplaincy Program as volunteers when needed. We are on call for a period of 7 days each month in case of emergencies in the field or to minister to staff within the Department. Currently the Chief of Police has allowed us to volunteer twice a week providing counsel or a listening ear for both sworn and non-sworn personnel on site.